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We are a local Gainesville family, and KidWorks is our family business. Back In 1996, our eldest son was four and his younger brother was two. We wanted a "dream" preschool for them. Cathy, the school's director, held a degree in elementary education and intended to return to teaching. She spent weeks touring area preschools. No "dream" centers. Plenty of nightmare ones. .

In a moment of questionable sanity we asked why we couldn't create our own dream preschool. We couldn't think of a good reason. (We can think of a few now, but that's a different story) The result was KidWorks, considered by the Gainesville community to be among the very finest preschools in the region.

We opened our first center in 1997. A "dream" preschool? It's as close as we can come, and we get better at it every day. In 2000, KidWorks became the first preschool to offer live internet webcams in the classrooms.  In 2005 the KidWorks family doubled with the addition of our second school, located in Tioga Town Center. KidWorks at Tioga is a great example of a high-concept design collaboration between a really good preschool program and a first-rate developer. In 2009, we completed construction of a new high tech facility exclusively for our APK Program. In 2010, our Millhopper school's APK room received a complete remodel and technology upgrade.

As working owners, we run our own schools, every day (which is why there aren't more KidWorks). Having working owners on site can mean the difference between a good preschool and a great one.