it all begins with a Tour

We've found it's the best way for you, and us, to determine if KidWorks is a good fit for your family. In addition to showing you around, we'll answer your questions, and we may have some of our own. We'll want to understand your expectations and be certain we're the right school to meet them. (If we're not, chances are we can refer you to a school that can.). To make an appointment and tour the school most convenient to you. Call Julie Caballero at 352 335-1335 (Millhopper)  or Meredith Roche at 352 331-3833 (Tioga). We'd love to show you around and introduce you to the best preschool teaching teams in North Florida.


 Cathy, Meredith & Julie

About Our Waitlist

We don't maintain a chronological waitlist. We have a waiting pool of families who have expressed interest. When a space becomes available, we go to the waitlist for a  new child who will best fit the mix of the existing class.  When a space becomes available we'll want a child of roughly the same age, since we keep the children grouped according to when they'll enter Kindergarten. For example we may not want to fill a spot with a child who'd be significantly older or younger that his classmates, even if technically they'll all be in the same Kindergarten class. If the class is having some management issues we may choose to not fill the spot at all and give the teacher some breathing room. We also try to balance the mix of boys and girls. 

Of the eligible families, we give preference to those referred by existing clients, so please name-drop when you tour. We will keep you on file unless and until a space becomes available for you, unless you ask to be removed. However, once a space has been offered to you and it is declined, we'll remove you from the list. 

Please note that we do not accept waitlist entries or confirm availability by telephone. Prior to being placed on the waitlist, please schedule and complete a tour. If possible, both parents should attend as well as your child.  After your tour, we'll check availability. If we don't presently have availability we'll add you to the school's waitlist. We encourage parents on the waitlist to check in with us periodically. KidWorks will never charge you a fee to be on our waitlist.

Our Deposit Policy

After touring, and if space is projected to be available for your requested start date and offered to you, we require a deposit to hold the space. For short term holds on a space (two weeks or less) we require a non refundable $ deposit.

For longer holds for all classes except Infants, we require a non-refundable deposit equal to the enrollment fee plus two weeks tuition.

For Infants, we require a non-refundable $1000 deposit. Depending on how far out your start date is, the rate may change during that period and your rate will be the current rate at the time of enrollment. Your deposit is applied in full as a credit to your account when you start. 

the kidworks ivy league guarantee

KidWorks is the only preschool in the country offering the prestigious Ivy League Guarantee:

our pledge: your child gets into Harvard*, Princeton* or Yale* or your childcare is free
— *Offer refers to the princeton school of cosmetology, Yale's small engine repair school or Dick and Betty harvards academy of magic/u-haul .rental center. restrictions apply.